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Championing responsible community-led greening is a cost-free solution that will increase community wellbeing in your borough, reduce strain on local services, and help you get closer to achieving environmental targets:


  • GREENING: not only the time and cost to create and maintain pockets of plant life

  • COMMUNITY WELLBEING but also from local health services, with greener surroundings and gardening activity linked to measurable wellbeing benefits for residents. The Licence to Plant will foster a strong sense of community & shared value, but would also help to bring about the myriad of mental health benefits that are known to come with increased access to pockets of green. On top of that, by planting flowers that attract our much-needed pollinators, this could become an excellent way of reviving biodiversity in our city ecosystem!

  • IMPROVED ENVIRONMENT: Greening results in benefits from cleaner air, cooler streets and flood control. 

  • REDUCE STRAIN ON PUBLIC SERVICES: UK charity Fields in Trust discovered that parks and green spaces save the NHS at least £111 million a year through reduced GP visits alone. 


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