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The legality of grassroots planting on public, council-owned land is a grey area. Let's make it a green area!


The need for greener neighbourhoods has never been clearer. We know that urban plant life is vital, both for people – supporting mental, physical and social wellbeing – and planet – boosting biodiversity, absorbing greenhouse gases and pollution, and reducing temperatures.

There's acres of bare patches of soil in our streets (tree pits, road verges, abandoned planters...) and countless people out there who'd love to turn them into miniature gardens that benefit the whole community – including local wildlife!

Since lockdown, communities are more engaged than ever on the need to fill their streets with life and colour. Yet a lack of trust, information and resources are currently preventing them from doing so.

Taking root from the success of Paris’ “permis de végétaliser” (greening permit), the Licence to Plant will allow residents to plant in the streets they call home (in tree pits and bare soil beds), provided they follow our expert guidelines, to ensure the safety, efficacy and upkeep of their project.

Without a doubt, there are many draws to living in a city, but urban life shouldn’t have to be synonymous with endless grey and concrete landscapes. Through the power of the collective, we can find ways of boosting nature’s presence in our streets.



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