• Octavia Chill

Grey to Green Challenge

Create a guerrilla garden and win £500!

Ever wished your local streets were a bit greener? Having more plant life around not only looks good, it helps the environment and the community's wellbeing too. So, whether you're into plants, people or the planet, we want to pay you to you get growing! Transform a bare, lifeless part of your neighbourhood into a miniature garden, and we’ll give awards for the most imaginative planting. It could be around the bottom of a tree, on a patch of waste land, in a pothole or between cracks in paving stones... anywhere which needs a bit of TLC and a splash of colour. Just snap a before and after shot, and send them to us for your chance to win £500.

How to enter

  1. Snap a “before” shot.

  2. Get planting!

  3. Snap the “after” shot.

  4. Send both photos to hello@dreamgreen.earth by midnight on Wednesday 10th September. You can also share them with us on Instagram @wedreamgreen.

We have five £500 prizes to give away!


If you need it, you can apply for up to £100 to go towards plants or other materials by sending us:

  1. A ‘before’ photo of the spot you plan to revamp

  2. Your guerrilla garden idea, in the form of sketches, collage or mood board

  3. The costs of the materials you need to make it happen (remember you can always borrow tools, and community gardeners will often give you seeds for free).

We have ten £100 grants for creating guerrilla gardens.

Happy greening!