A carrying pouch of small, perfectly formed wildflower seed bombs.


Seed bombs are an essential tool in any guerrilla gardener's arsenal. These tiny, seed-packed balls of organic material let you grow on the go, creating vibrant pockets of colour and pollinator habitats in your path. Just throw to grow!

Seed Bombs

  • These seed bombs contain 25 UK-native wildflower species. We've selected these varieties as they're both beautiful and purposeful, with the power to feed pollinators and support biodiversity while bringing colour to grey, lifeless urban areas.

    Annual Wildflower Species: Chamomile, Corn marigold, Corncockle, Corn poppy, Yellow rattle.

    Perennial Wildflower Species: Birdsfoot trefoil, Devils Bit Scabious, Field Scabious, Garlic mustard, Meadow buttercup, Meadow vetchling, Lady's bedstraw, Lesser knapweed, Meadowsweet, Ox eye daisy, Purple loosestrife, Ragged robin, Red campion, Red clover, Sorrel, St John's Wort, Scentless mayweed, Selfheal, Wild carrot yarrow.

    The exact seeds found in each seed bomb will vary. 

  • How do they work?

    Our kit and recipe are designed so that the seeds will be protected and supported as they grow, and will burst into life with just some rain and sunshine. Simply throw one at a patch of soil and watch as Mother Nature takes care of the rest.


    When can I use them?

    Seed bombing can be done any time between March and October, but it's most effective in spring and autumn, when there's more rain and the sun isn't too scorching.


    Is seed bombing legal?

    Like all guerrilla gardening, seed bombing is intended to rewild public land. While it's not strictly 'allowed' (but that's half the fun!) any legal issues are a technicality, and it's generally filed under the category of “What’s not to like?”

    Luckily, our bombs are designed to be subtle and hard to spot – they're small and dark, so they'll easily blend into bare patches of soil. And, as the whole ball is biodegradable, it's definitely not 'littering'.


    What's the chilli powder for?

    Chilli powder is a natural pest deterrent. It keeps your seedlings from being eaten by little critters as they start out in life, giving them a fighting chance. (We hope this goes without saying, but please don't eat your seed bombs!)